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Hello world i'm subagya i'm 26 year old, male from Jakarta, Indonesia, and i'm single too :( who asking you...dude :p)
This is my friendster template based on friendster layout..

Features :
  1. unieq comment box style and author comment different style
  2. real time when you access this blog ( you can see it on right top header :p )
  3. numbering comment
  4. notification email for your reader if you repy their commets :p (hackosphere hack)
  5. unieq breadcrumb i call it blog post info :D
  6. banner ads for your advertiser 
  7. Be the first to leave a comment! if no comment yet (beautiful beta hack)
  8. SEO friendly
I hope you enjoy this layout friendster template, and feel the new experience of new cool template!! And if you having a trouble witj this template you can email me at subagya@gmail.com or via chat with yahoo messenger mochal_nl@yahoo.com.

  1. indungg said...


  2. subagya said...

    @ indung > thanks bro...

  3. Wah ini postingan yang sangat menarik sekali. Sangat berguna, terima kasih. Salam kenal :)

  4. Koko Bota said...

    kunjungan perdana skalian follow kwn di no urut 26
    di tggu kbr follow baliknya
    jgn lupa follow balik ya

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