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Simple magazine minima is new version of template based on style magazine applied on basic minima template, feel the new concept of magazine style, so fast loading, easy to customize, and unique layout. Let the simple magazine minima make you inspiration blog feel like magazine layout, and i include the new hack on this template call it rewrite pagination on older post and newer post!!  
Template preview :
Layout Preview :

If you having trouble with this template just send me email to or via messenger Happy blogging friends :D

  1. Abi said...

    Template dikau keren2x dan kreatif hasilnya mustinya dibuatin situs bahasa Ingrisnya Chal pasti bule2 pada seneng.

  2. Abi said...

    Eh lupa pertamax! di subuh ini:d

  3. Baka Kelana said...

    Wac ini kemarin itu...atau versi terbarunya

  4. Baka Kelana said...

    You is top design template blogspot from indonesia

    Always succes for you

  5. NIcole said...


    I can't get the comment box to show up! Could you help?

    Also the 'view full post' doesn't work: I can't control the length of the thumbnail post.

    At the end of every post there's a lot of info I don't want. How to I remove this?


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