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Hello business readers, nowadays many people seek chance and opportunity from website or blog because many article in fluent them to make money online from internet because people think with make money online their life will be so easy, practically  you just sit in front your computer and then money will come to you :p, its not just simple like that, you must extra effort to make money from your website or blog, because you must optimize your website and maintenance content of your website routinely. Many programs on internet which will give you money if you have popular website or blog, and they will pay high if your website are benefit for them.
I put together program links of making money online to help you out because finding a free way to make money online isn't easy and might take a lot of time. They were legitimate and over all they free for sign up
  1. Paid Review
  2. If your website have a good google page rank and good traffic you must try paid review program which advertiser will pay you if you review their product and finish task soon as possible, many broker paid review you can try like : blogvertise, sponsored reviews, buy blog review, review me, etc  
  3. Pay per click (PPC)
  4. Its good idea if your website join this ppc program because this program not considering page rank or traffic to get money, but you can earn money with this program if visitor clicks your PPC most famous PPC program are : google adsense, chitika, bidvertiser
  5. Get money from upload file
  6. If you have lot file and want share to everyone you can upload to ziddu, sharecash and hotfile because they will pay if you file are downloaded by visitors.

  1. Ninah said...

    Paid reviews seem to be very good sources of income but bloggers will have problems if Google finds out they've been accepting paid posts

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