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Wikinut is new site that accepts writing on a massive range of topics, and pays you a share of any advertising your pages directly generate. You can sign up for free, and write guides, reviews, tips, recipes and pretty much anything you like.
Who would not want to get dollars every month just only sit at the computer or have a blog or personal website? Because it is easier to find dollars on the Internet by starting many programs offered by brokers to publishers to make their blogs or websites as the dollar fields ranging from PPC (pay per click), PTR (pay to review), Sell Links, and many Other programs can we make new land to make money via the Internet, one of which is wikinut which is a new site to find additional dollars, the following excerpt from their site.
Wikinut is one of the new program to search for dollars just by sharing experiences, knowledge, reviews, tips and more.  If there advertiser is interested in your posting of review  then if  publishing division of the commission wikinut results are 50% and they also pay through paypal without any cuts, he said they have more affiliate affiliate program if we make money we will get a commission of 10% their commissions without reducing their income, which means if we have a lot of affiliates will greatly help increase your income without we also have to write in wikinut. Flowchart Wikinut affiliate system:

When we have come to be an experienced writer then wikinut invite you to became moderator and moderate the other authors to publish their content, of course, also will be paid: d.  Join Wikinut programs now and share experiences, opinions, advice, knowledge of what you  likes without having to have a blog or personal web page
Lets join and start making money with wikinut programs
( source : Learn Wordpress )

  1. Shophi Rajesh said...

    I also feel the same actually and can't see it the other way........

  2. Anonymous said...

    did they pay you for this article?

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