How to maximize your google adsense? Part 2

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Obtaining money or dollars from the internet is a matter that is the dream of all bloggers, including me: p, a lot of success stories from professionals who have regular bloggers earn tens of millions each month whether bloggers in Indonesia and abroad, but it was when we would have taken much certain natural constraints on any new beginner bloggers come through this online business, usually early problems are related to the contents of web content or your blog, which made my friend think about the content of my web blog or what yes that attract visitors or visitors? These include a natural thing because I also never experienced it: p. Therefore, I discuss how to increase revenue with google adsense so my friend lived directly into practice. Create a buddy who had just started a business online, especially google adsense in my opinion should specify narket niche. What is a niche market?

    A niche market is the subset of the market on a specific product Which is focusing on
If we have determined a niche of the blog or the web we will certainly make it easier to place google adsense ads in accordance with the content we have provided our blog for current English language google adsense support for Indonesian yet this beloved: d. Ok me illustrate as follows: For example, niche blogs or websites related to marketing then we will adjust the contents of google adsense ads with marketing ads, because basically google consider our guests or visitors who come with the intention of looking for things related to marketing, which of course if he ( visitor-ed) to see marketing advertisements are likely visitors will click on adsense ads tersebuat us, because it displays advertising related to the marketing of these ads certainly do attract attention vistor. So in fact it helped us get niche visitors who had become our goal.
In my opinion if bloggers want to go into business online by following the program PPC (pay per click) google adsense niche market I'd suggest looking first to the right target. As the saying goes to compares the niche market:

    "It's better fishing in the pond a narrow on very hungry fish, with fish bait which appropriate"

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