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I am going to go to my friend’s birthday party this evening. She has invited me to come on her party on time. I was confused to think what the special gift that i can give to her. I have searched many times on web to find the lovely things that she is needed. I remember that she loves reading magazine. I found a few online sites but the best one was Subscription Addiction as it offered great discounts and also the feedback all seemed very positive and if there was an issue they responded quickly to fix it. I would be amazed on what this online magazine store has to offer. What’s even better, is that i can get to mix and match the magazine package order and get it cheap. This is one of the Cheap Magazine Subscriptions stores and i will get to find the magazine deals that i am looking for. I then picked and choosed among the many magazines and create my own gift bundle of 3 or 4 magazines. It would be a suitable gift to give away for my friend. So guys, if you also as a magazine fanatic or you need to have a whole load of magazines to collect, you just to go go online and browse around the numerous magazines that you can get from

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