Childproof Homes

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Do you have small children? Even if you don’t, odds are the children of friends and family members stop by everyone once in a while, so it’s a safe idea to think about childproofing. In the event that a visiting child has a significant accident at your house, you could potentially be held accountable, which could lead to a claim on your California home insurance. The fiscal ruin the result of a liability lawsuit would be small compared with the emotional fallout of a child sustaining a significant injury which could have been prevented.
There are different risks associated with children of different ages, but as a basic guideline these are a couple of things you should remember to help keep your pint-sized friends as safe as possible.
•    Confirm that any ponds or pools have fencing.
•    Put grates over any open fireplaces.
•    Consider purchasing a removable safety gate for the top of any stairs and the kitchen door.
•    Place security screens on windows, or at least be sure that all windows on the upper levels are closed and secured while your guests are there.
•    Keep pets in a separate room or in a fenced part of your backyard.

Taking some time to help protect your young guests from harm can be worthwhile, as visiting parents can have a much more enjoyable time at your home if they know there are some childproofing precautions in place. It could also pay off financially in terms of lower California home insurance premiums and a lower possibility of needing to file a liability claim.

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