Think about your insurance if you move

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Are you moving? This is probably a fantastic opportunity to assess your Louisiana insurance. Although you most likely have a lot to consider while you're moving, it's an ideal time to look over your insurance policies, update them where necessary, and even look at methods of saving on your costs.
Chances are, you’ll be doing a bit of downsizing and throwing some things away. You might also plan to purchase new appliances or furniture for your new home. Take this chance to look over your home inventory and update it as necessary. Having an up-to-date home inventory can be especially important if you have to make a claim. Do not forget that if you have purchased any expensive new appliances or pieces of art work for your new home you might need to have them listed independently from your main home insurance policy.
Confirm that your coverage is sufficient to cover the rebuilding costs of your new house and the replacement of any belongings you have. You might want to look around at improving security precautions or installing fire prevention tools such as home sprinkler systems to help decrease your home insurance premiums.
Speak with your agent about bundling options also. Frequently when you open a number of different policies with the same insurer, you become eligible for substantial discounts on your Louisiana insurance costs. Moving is pricey enough, you don’t want to be paying more than you need to for your insurance!

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