Reducing tiredness for truck drivers

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Exhaustion is a typical predicament for long distance drivers. With the pressure of deadlines and also the frequency of driving at nighttime, truck drivers are generally especially susceptible to fatigue related mishaps. As an employer you'll find a number of things that can be done to help keep the drivers safer and your trucking insurance claims to a minimum.
•    Ensure that scheduling takes into consideration recovery time between shifts and will allow for drivers to take normal breaks when driving.
•    Educate drivers on how to acknowledge the signs of fatigue as well as the importance of taking regular breaks.
•    Be sure your workplace culture is not one which encourages drivers to push themselves past their capabilities for the sake of deadlines.
•    Observe employees’ health as being unwell can escalate fatigue.
•    Keep an eye on any near misses or fatigue related accidents and devise a risk management plan to avoid a recurrence.
Taking a proactive approach to your employees’ wellbeing is important. Be certain that your drivers are attentive to the risks of driving while exhausted and help find ways to avoid fatigue resulting in  an accident. By taking your workers’ wellbeing seriously you might be rewarded with improved motivation and company loyalty along with possibly even reduced premiums on your trucking insurance because of having fewer claims.

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