U.S. Economy grows 3%, Indonesia can 7%?

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The government was in no hurry to make a policy to anticipate the possibility of foreign capital flows out of Indonesia.

"When the United States, Europe improved, I do not worry there is a reversal (foreign capital), because the Indonesian economy is good," said Coordinating Minister Hatta Rajasa in his office, Jakarta Friday, November 19, 2010.

This optimism is based on track record Hatta Indonesia, which has never been delaying debt payments. "From whatever side, investors see the Indonesia country great," he said.

Danareksa Research Institute Chief Economist, Purbaya Yudhi Sadewa, adding, improving the economy in the United States and Europe it will have positive impact for Indonesia.

"If the United States long-term growth of three percent, Indonesia could be six percent. However, if the government program is successful, can be seven percent in 2014," he said.

During good economic policy, Yudhi believes the Indonesian economy are unlikely to turn the reversal of foreign capital flows.

As a precaution, Hatta admitted, the government will indeed be more optimal in managing foreign funds rushing into Indonesia.
"Just had to be clever and creative to finance infrastructure. If it is not smart, it could lose that opportunity," he said.

The government also is reviewing the issuance of infrastructure bonds as one of measures to manage foreign funds that entered. "But that decision yet, not yet mature," said Hatta.

In addition, the government asks for more and more companies red plate that listed its shares on the stock. "There has been some, but I forgot to list," said Hatta.

Data Bank Indonesia said that foreign funds in Bank Indonesia Certificates (SBI) fell to Rp63, 1 trillion on November 12, 2010 from the position of Rp72, 5 billion on October 22, 2010.

Attract foreign funds on October 22, 2010 amounted to Rp860 billion, while the 12 November 2010 Rp48 billion fund out.

In contrast, foreign funds flowing into government bonds (SUN) increases. As of October 22, 2010, foreign funds in government securities amounted to 190, 2 trillion. Meanwhile, the position of 12 November 2010 recorded Rp194, 8 trillion.

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