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Twitter micro-blogging networking site recently launched a new look more fresh This view was promised would offer a user experience easier, faster, and better.

As quoted from technology site CNet, this design offers a new interface that presents the right panel is greater than ever. In this panel the user can enjoy a variety of content, from photos, videos, user profiles until the information geo. Thus, users do not need to go from the main page to see the profile of Twitter to others, or when they want to see photos or video link.

As part of his new appearance, Twitter also signed 16 cooperation with media companies: Dailybooth, deviantART, Etsy, Flickr, Justin.TV, Kickstarter, Kiva, Photozou, Plixi, Twitgoo, TwitPic, Twitvid, Ustream, Vimeo, Yfrog, and YouTube, thus allowing the content of services was to appear on Twitter. According to Evan Williams, CEO of Twitter, the new face of new Twitter can be enjoyed by most users. While other Twitter users will enjoy the next few weeks.

Williams explained that the new design is aimed to facilitate Twitter to be accessed by the user. Currently, he said, averaging 90 million per day Tweet created. Approximately 25 percent of the Tweet that include links, good links to the article, photo or video.

Although so far Twitter has always supported the other parties to develop applications for Twitter, it appears that this new view is a development to provide services previously only available on other applications.

In addition, with this new view, users also do not need to click on more button at the bottom of the timeline, because Twitter will present the timeline up to the previous Tweet no longer limited. Although the new design newly launched, but Twitter has been menjajalnya parties internally and involves a limited number of testers, for a few months later. In fact, although some also provided features similar to the one in the Twitter application for the iPad, but the new Twitter design web version was created first, Williams said.

According to Williams, now Twitter's rapid growth. This site is 'flooded' demand for new account creation, about 370 thousand per day. Approximately 16 percent of whom are making a new account via phone. While 78 percent access it via

"I think with this new design, people will more often to our site for a more interesting experience," said Jason Goldman, Director of Products on Twitter, quoted from CNet

  1. Tolsmedia said...

    This is great news.I really want to use this fresh Twitter.I am sure it will be more easier, faster, and better.

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