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One of the founders of Google, Larry Page, Google's return to the ranks of management to replace Eric Schmidt as Chief Executive in Google.

Do not wait too long after turning to Google, 38 years old man was immediately promoted seven new executives who will chair the most important divisions of Google, who will report directly to him.

Some of those appointed by Page was Senior Vice President is Andy Rubin, who will be responsible for the Android phone software; Salar Kamangar which deals with YouTube and video; Sundar Pichai, who heads the operating system and browser Chrome, as well as Vic Gundotra, which will focus on strategy Google's social network to compete with Facebook, Inc..

Three others who were appointed as Senior Vice Presidents are Susan Wojcicki, who will be responsible in the field of advertising; Alan Eustace, who will lead the field of Web search, and Jeff Huber, who will take care of local and commerce.

One Google executive who is quite famous, Marissa Mayer, not promoted, but he will remain responsible to head the local services and locations. Mayer will be responsible for Huber, and chaired the Google development projects on a similar service Groupon.

Meanwhile, Eric Schmidt, 55, who once had to replace Page as chief executive in 2001, now serves as Executive Chairman and in charge of issues related to governance and partnership.

Analysts assess this step to cut the bureaucracy, as part of efforts to restore the company's spirit of innovation like in the early days kesukesan Google.

According to Colin Gillis, an analyst with BGC Partners, Larry is working to start again from scratch. "Obviously, he did not just become Eric Schmidt 2.0 (the successor to Eric Schmidt's policy - ed)," Gillis said, quoted by the LA Times website.

Now Google is the company's annual income of nearly U.S. $ 30 billion or approximately USD 258.6 billion, and has more than 24,000 employees. Along with a growing company, Google's growth in recent years more slowly. Practically, Google relies on the main income of the search advertising business. This makes Google's stock is not as good as other competitors.

"The want to do something he'd never done any other company, be great in the field of innovation. Defeat the other companies that came later, and back again to do the same thing," said Steven Levy, author of books on Google entitled 'In the Plex, How Google Thinks, Works and Shapes Our Lives'.

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