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Indonesia will be a developed country if the developing entrepreneur. The President should support the Indonesian state to state employers.

"Whether he (the president) from where, but he must endorse entrepreneur program," said Ciputra when met at one of the malls in the area of ​​Kuningan, Friday (20/05/2011).

To build an entrepreneur, according to Ciputra, need also the support from various parties which are also related to governance, such as governors, regents, and related apparatus. However, it should also a businessman, as the executor of this program.

"The entrepreneur should implement this. Well this is not no, less. The government is still lacking, academia is still lacking, business is still lacking," he explained.

Ciputra explained, until now Indonesia has only about 400,000 employers, or only 0.18% of the amount comprised of Indonesia. Yet to be regarded as developed countries, need to reach number 2% for employers in a country.

"We're 2% is sufficient. Minimum 2% of developed countries. Pursue a 2% before this," he added.

When compared with other developed countries, Ciputra rate, Indonesia is clearly far behind. Singapore as much as 7% of the population are entrepreneurs that can provide income employees there 15 times larger than Indonesia.

"Singapore is 7%.'s Why he's revenues 15 times greater. Salaries him 15 times from you," he joked, pointing to a reporter.

Ciputra further explain, if this country became a businessman, the government no longer need to bother thinking about low-cost housing for the underprivileged society.

"This country wants to be a country must be overcome community entrepreneur who wants to have a home," he concluded.

Even Ciputra also links between entrepreneurial problem with Merpati accident. He said if Indonesia became a businessman there would be no case of a plane crash as an accident Pigeon.

"If the entrepreneur does not have tuh Merpati fall. It fell just confused everyone who signed the contract," he joked

Ciputra also be wise to ask do not directly blame the government because the government does not have a soul as a businessman.

"Do not mengambinghitamkan command first. Our government is not taught entrepreneur, how can you blame him?," He said.

He said employers should begin to enter the ranks of government to governance in Indonesia could be better. Ciputra cite employers who have entered the ranks of government is the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.

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