Eric Schmidt visit to Indonesia

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Eric Schmidt visit to Indonesia - Google is known as a corporate giant in the field of information technology. Starting from the search engines (search engines), Google is getting menggurita business by buying the Youtube site, create an email service Gmail, and build the Android operating system for smartphones. Not only that, even Google compete with Facebook and Twitter in social networking, by making Google +.
Currently, Google began to glance at Indonesia, as a place to develop its business. The rapid development of internet users in Indonesia is the reason Google chose Indonesia. A relatively stable economic growth is also one consideration Google to develop its business in Indonesia.
Google was then 'sent' his Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, to Indonesia. Later, Schmidt met with Vice President Boediono to Google's stated business plan in Indonesia. Schmidt certainly not the agent of 'indiscriminate'. Google's founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Schmidt recruited to become CEO of Google. At that time, Page and Brin felt too young to take care of Google's growing business. Trio Page-Brin-Schmidt became the triumvirate, who masterminded the success of Google in the information technology business. Having felt mature enough to manage the business of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin later took over the CEO of Schmidt's hand. However, Schmidt still use Google as an advisor to the two young founders of Google. Schmidt was later appointed as Executive Chairman.

  1. Google is a very big company.

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