BlackBerry Playbook make a profit off of RIM

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Research in Motion (RIM) announced its financial report for Q3 2011. This Canadian BlackBerry vendor posted a sizable revenue projections despite missed the beginning and decreased compared to last year. RIM reported revenue of U.S. $ 5.2 billion in the quarter, missed its target of USD 5.6 billion. It also decreases the amount of revenue RIM in the same period last year as much as USD 5.5 billion. Of the above total revenue, accounting for RIM profit reached USD 265 million with total sales of 14.1 million BlackBerry units. RIM also claims the number of subscribers reached 75 million, up 35% from a year ago. The amount of profit is a pretty drastic drop from the same period last year which reached USD 911 million. The percentage reached 71% profit decline. Quoted from Engadget, Friday (16/12/2011), the main factor is the slipping of the target poor sales revenue RIM BlackBerry Playbook tablet computer. In Q3 2011, sales reached 150 thousand Playbook units only so much stock piled up in warehouses and caused huge losses to $ 485 million. Although RIM's financial performance is not too bad, the market is skewed view of this company's future prospects. Evidenced by the continued decline in stock value. According to MarketWatch, the value of their shares are now at their lowest since mid-2004. Due to the value of the shares continue to slide, two bosses Research in Motion (RIM) cut their salaries to $ 1  per year. This is true for the manufacturer of BlackBerry's business performance has not improved. "The last few years is the most severe for this company," said Jim Balsillie, co-CEO of RIM when discussing quarterly earnings with analysts. RIM promised to try as hard as possible to restore the condition of the company. One of them by producing the BlackBerry using the BlackBerry OS 10, the possibility for release next year.

  1. The playbook is very nice and i'm using it for 6 months now and i'm happy with my playbook and my unlocked Blackberry 9900. i can enjoy it anywhere in the world.

    But, most of Blackberry mobile phones users are using the ipad.. i hope things will be better when rim will release the playbook 2

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