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Age was never dampen the spirit of Irvin Kahn to continue working and dealing with stock figures are complicated. At the age of the 106, Irvin Kahn is still the spirit of working as a stockbroker on Wall Street.
Irvin Kahn, born December 19, 1905 was a stock broker who had worked since the Great Depression era of the United States in the era of the 1930s. At its 100th birthday in 6 years ago, Irvin was awarded the bell to open trading on the New York Stock Exchange.
Kahn, who has worked on Wall Street since 83 years ago was admitted Wall Street is now open to anyone. Unlike the first, Wall Street is designed for banks, insurance companies, highways and public facilities.
"Now this is a business for everybody," Kahn said while explaining the difference then and now Wall Street in an interview, as quoted by CNN, Friday (22/12/2011).
Irvin had just celebrated the 106th birthday he claimed idolize Benjamin Graham the author of 'The Intelligent Investor' which is also an idol Warren Buffett.
Khan is also available in the office of information from Bloomberg. Kahn admitted he was lucky enough at the time the technology was born pretty much.
"I am very lucky to born in 1905. I was at the time with many new technologies, radio, television," added the man who still looks healthy.
Amid the flood of technology in today's times, Kahn admitted he now has a mobile phone, but rarely used. He even wrote down the cell phone number on the back.
He still went to the office every day and watching the stock market as an investor. So far, the bespectacled man was admitted not to have a plan for retirement.
Kahn's son said, it is very difficult for him to not work every day, after seeing how long his father's work. "The fact is he went to work every day," said Kahn's son.

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