General Motors are really closed?

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Car manufacturers from the United States (U.S.), General Motors (GM), plans to close one of its plants in Oshawa, Canada. A total of 2,000 employees will be laid off. Factory car will actually have closed since 2008, but the high demand for the Chevrolet Impala to the closure should be delayed until June 2013. That was said GM spokesman told AFP on Saturday 2 June 2012. He added that two-thirds of the total employees in the area that reached 10,000 people will be laid off starting next year.
Chairman of the Canadian Auto Workers' Union, Ken Lewenza, condemned the plan as a decision by a narrow mind. "The decision to close plants and lay off the most productive workforce is one of 2000 and could damage the company's operations in the long run," he said in a written statement. "It is also a betrayal of the work and loyalty of our staff members who have managed to maintain GM continue to operate in 2008-2009, when the company was on the verge of bankruptcy." GM spokesperson Adria MacKenzie responded to the news calmly. According to him, no need to rush a decision because in time it has many employees who will go into retirement.

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