Maintaining your decking

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Summer is an ideal time of year to enjoy the al fresco spaces around your home. Whether you are planning a big barbecue or just like to rest outside with your loved ones in the evening, it is crucial that you keep your decking well maintained. Dirt free, damage free decking not just looks better, it should help lessen the chance of an injury which could potentially lead to a claim on your Connecticut insurance if the hurt party is a visitor or guest at your house. Has it been a while since you last inspected your decking? Listed below are just a few customary upkeep tasks that might be worth undertaking before the summer entertaining period gets too far under way.

  • Clear off any debris particularly foliage and twigs from overhanging trees.
  • Clean your deck with a deck washing solution or detergent and water. Early in the morning is the best time to do this, before the sun gets too hot. 
  • Check for any mold or mildew, especially underneath furniture or barbecues. Consistently rotating your outdoor furniture may help decrease the amount of standing water which can cause a mold problem with your decking. 
  • Check for and fix any damaged boards. 
These could be a tripping hazard. Keeping your decking in great shape can make your property look better and hopefully help you sidestep a liability claim on your Connecticut insurance. Enjoy long lazy afternoons and family barbecues this summer season!

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