Dow Jones fell

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Stocks on Wall Street, the U.S. slipped back on a trade Friday (20/08/2010). Dow Jones and S & P 500 fell for the second time in this week as fears of U.S. economic recovery stops.

Even so, investors still see a positive outlook in the technology sector, so that there were bought in late trading action.

"This week's economic data was very, very worrying, no one would dare make a move, only short-term movement," said Ryan Detrick analyst told Reuters on Saturday (08/21/2010).

The Nasdaq index moved more positive than other stocks with positive performance supported the technology sector stocks. Nasdaq reached 0.81 points (0.04%) to a level of 2179.76.

During this week, the S & P 500 index fell 0.7%, the Dow Jones fell 0.9%, while the Nasdaq was up 0.3%.

Since early this year, investors worried about the European economy will slow down so that it will create a drag on global economic recovery. And, the latest economic reports kept investors worried that the American economy will slow economic growth worldwide.

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