Zynga hire former director of MySpace

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Former Director of social networking MySpace, Owen Van Natta, back in circulation in the online industry, after he was hired by gaming companies online Zynga.

Zynga, which so far has made a variety of popular games on Facebook, such as Farmville and Mafia Wars, Van Natta recruited as Executive Vice President of Business Operations at the company.

As quoted from the site VentureBeat, Van Natta previously was a consultant to Zynga, will start work at Zynga on Monday this week. He also directly join Zynga's board.

Previously, Van Natta had become Chief Executive Officer of the MySpace social networking. However, due to conflicts with Jonathan Miller, Chief Digital Officer of News Corp. (parent company of MySpace), Van Natta was fired from MySpace, in February last.

Owen Van Natta also briefly joined Facebook, as Chief Revenue Officer. His role is important when Microsoft invested in Facebook for U.S. $ 240 million in 2007.

In Zynga Van Natta will handle the company's strategy in prosecuting the income, corporate development, internal expansion, and corporate brand. He will report directly to founder and Chief Executive Zynga, Mark Pincus.

Van Natta is not the only top leader who went into Zynga. Before him, Zynga also recruited Dave Wehner, a former Managing Director at Allen Co., as the Chief Finance Officer.

Zynga is currently one of the Silicon Valley company that is prospective, and has international expansion plans. In Japan, Zynga has just created a joint venture with Japanese giant internet company, Softbank to expand in Asia.

Recently, Google has also reportedly invested in Zynga Zynga and bring a few games into social networks that have developed by Google, Google Me.

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