The basics of business property coverage?

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The California business insurance policy of today should be tailored to meet an array of different businesses. It can be beneficial to have an in-depth conversation with your insurance agent regarding the different types of coverage that may benefit your organization as it’s likely that there are some risks you haven’t thought of, or some forms of coverage that weren’t available whenever you began that can now be purchased. Listed here are some risks that may now be covered in a policy if required:

-    Loss or damage to computer hardware caused by a virus.
-    Laptop computers in the possession of employees who are traveling on business.
-    Computer fraud - theft of securities, change or other property via computer.
-    Accounts receivable records may be covered under certain circumstances.
-    Damage or loss of goods during shipping.
-    Losses brought on by interruption of communication, water or power supply services.

In addition there are a range of ‘green’ insurance options available that may appeal to the environmentally conscious business operator.

Has is been a while since you’ve updated or reconsidered the coverage on your California business insurance policy? Why not step in 2012 knowing that you’ve done all you can to shield the financial assets of your company? Speak to an agent soon about reviewing and updating your coverage.

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