Is home insurance adequate for your growing home-based busin

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Do you need more protection for your home business than is offered by standard homeowners insurance? RI business insurance protection, or additional coverage in your home insurance policy, could be the solution.

Perhaps your company started with only you, a notebook computer and a mobile phone but your hard work is starting to pay off. Your business has grown: you may have purchased additional business equipment, business inventory might be stored at your own home, there’s a steady stream of clients visiting your house office, and you have started to build up some capital to invest in expanding your business further.

Standard RI home insurance coverage may in some cases be sufficient to meet the needs of a micro-business in its early stages, but if your organization is growing, you have more business assets and profitability is increasing, your exposure to business risks is likely to be much greater. It’s time to consider buying additional coverage to guard your investment in your home-based business. You have several options depending on the nature of the enterprise.

• Enhance liability and property coverage on your standard home insurance by adding an incidental business endorsement.
• Take out an in-home business policy or a business owner’s policy, providing safety from a variety of general business dangers including property and liability.

Don’t risk your hard-earned business income being eroded by unplanned, unexpected expenses that you can’t control. It’s unrealistic to expect your growing business to be protected by your homeowners insurance RI home-based businesses have a number of insurance options, and a local insurance agent might be able to help you to decide which solution is best for your situation.

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