California Business Liability Insurance and Sensitive Data

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Just as it’s rare for just about any business today to work without computer systems, it’s also unusual for any organization not to keep a database of customer records. At its simplest, this may consist of only contact details, but in many cases, account information and additional personal details may be held also. As a business owner, it’s imperative that you simply shield any vulnerable data. A leakage might not only be bothersome, it may see you in dire need of your California business liability insurance.

A loss of sensitive data may in some circumstances mean that you're vulnerable to being sued. Privacy laws also require you to protect personal data that your company collects. Were it to be given out to a third party, and even stolen or released by a computer attack, then you may wind up in court. Add to this scenario the dent this could make to your company reputation, and it cements how important it is to uphold customer privacy.

California business liability insurance might assist with all the legal costs linked to a civil law suit, and any payout you might be required to make to the aggrieved. For more information, be certain to find out the liability component of your business policy, and/or speak with your insurance agent. 

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